Norwegian Cruise Lines

Thinking of going on a vacation with your family this summer? Then it might do you some good to take them around the world! If you are a union member and think that a cruise will do you good, go ahead a get a great deal through Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL). Chances are that you can get one at really great discounts!

NCL makes sure that they support their employees who are part of the Seafarers International Union, The Marine Engineers and the Seafarers Entertainment unions. You can get a 5% to 15% discount just for being a union member and this means that you can get on any of NCL cruises that you want! The discounts are even higher on particular staterooms.

Of course, the discounts will only be given if you meet certain conditions but they aren’t strict at all. To get a 15% discount, just book your trip 121 days before the actual trip. A 10% savings requires you to book 61 to 120 days before the trip. And 5% discounts are given to union members who book 60 days before the NCL cruise.

These discounts mean that you and your family will be able to enjoy places like Bermuda, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Alaska. You can even go as far as Europe, Canada, the Mexican Riviera and South America. NCL also allows you to leave from 11 different cities in the United States so planning your trip will be a breeze. What are you waiting for? Book your trip now and enjoy the special union member discounts.

Imperial Majesty Cruise Line – Travel In Style

Experience a cruise on the Caribbean the way it was when ocean liners once ruled the Atlantic. The M/V Regal Princess of the Imperial Majesty’s Cruise Line brings you to your destination with a time honored tradition of excellent service and elegance the way only a provider for the Best Bahama Cruise of 2008 can.

Equipped with all the facilities of a modern cruise ship, families or couples can choose to make a quick weekend holiday or do an all week excursion just to get away from it all. Rediscover relaxation, fun and adventure on one of the ports of call along the Caribbean. Enjoy a selection of different menus in any of the unique and classy restaurants aboard ship. Experience the excitement of a Las Vegas style casino, relax and get pampered in one of the spas and salons, or make new friends in one of the bars and lounges while onboard. Cruise packages are flexible and could be as short as a 2-night weekend or as long as a 7 day vacation.

Couples will experience a romantic and unforgettable journey into a tropical paradise. Take a slow walk on the deck under a moonlit sky while breathing in the fresh sea air.

The M/V Regal Princess sails every day –perfect for anyone trying to fit a vacation amidst a busy work schedule. As a provider for the Best Bahama Cruise of 2008, you can never go wrong letting Imperial Majesty’s Cruise Lines cater to your holiday and vacation needs.

Cruises From New York

Live in New York and never been on a cruise? You might be quite surprised but you can go on a cruise vacation of your dreams from the city that you love! Can you imagine sailing past the Statue of Liberty and on to the destination of your deepest fantasies? It can be a trip to the Caribbean or the Bahamas to get your much needed sunshine and sand. Or you can take it a world farther and go all the way to Europe to experience the unique cultures and fantastic sights.

Cruises from New York are not impossible; it’s just that you probably never gave it much thought because of your busy lifestyle. But now is the time that you spoiled yourself with a vacation of your dreams. New York is known for having one of the busiest ports in the world. You could basically pick any destination that you want to go and experience an adventure-filled holiday that is worth remembering!

Next time you plan a trip, don’t go to another State or just out of the city. Choose from a wealth of destinations and go as far as the Bahamas. You deserve going on a cruise and taking your fun seriously for a change. New York is always ready to see you off on your dream vacation at any time of the year. All you have to do is keep your ears and eyes open.

A Cruise and Stay Holiday? Or a Cruising Holiday?

Cruise holidays are in recent years proving ever popular, especially as other types of holiday travel are becoming more expensive in the current economical climate and if you not keen on flying, a cruise holiday could be for you. So bearing that in mind I suggest it could be time for you to take a closer look at making your next holiday a cruising holiday and see what it has to offer.

More often than not when starting a cruise you will have to make your own way to the port of departure and then depending on your cruise type will have to find your way back home. Due to this, many cruise lines now offer a wonderful type of package known as a “cruise and stay” holiday which can enhance your break immensely and give you the best of both worlds.

Basically it means that when booking your holiday you can extend your holiday experience by staying at either of the ports that your cruise connects to. Taking a short break in a land based hotel can give you a nice build up or come down from your cruising experience. In most instances you will find cruising packages that offer you the chance to split your cruise up by staying in a port or resort that is in-between your cruise route.

These deals are becoming very popular with both new and seasoned cruisers alike, and with cruise ships sailing to some of the most exotic and captivating locations in the world it really does seem like a great option to take advantage of.

You may well think that organizing your own stay and cruise holiday would be easy to do, but with the complexity of cruise routes and even local bookings it can be in your interest to let the cruise agents book it. Cruise and stay holidays are also a great option for those that are new to cruising and would like to have the option to spend a part of it on dry land.

Being a tailor made travel package you can be assured that you are getting the best value for money, which in turn allows you to get the most out of your time away. Some examples of popular packages include the likes of holidays that involve the orient express train, Singapore to Alaska and even discovery cruises of the Amazon River.

These types of holiday might not suit everyone and many people that enjoy the fresh air and atmosphere of traditional cruise ship accommodation and hospitality might find they wish to spend more time onboard rather than in a destination. Either way, this is a refreshing way to enjoy a holiday and is an ideal starter package for novice cruisers and a wonderful extension for more seasoned travelers.

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Cruise Holidays: Fall in Love With Holidays, Once Again

Discover beautiful, mystical and enchanting places on earth with cruise holidays. You can choose the most magnificent destinations across the world on a cruise. The array of cruises available can make your trip fun filled and outstanding. The cruises take you to the remotest, unspoilt corners of the world. Cruise liners on these cruise holidays will provide the finest experience of your lifetime to leave you refreshed.

Cruise holidays can take you to the most exuberant destinations. They provide value service and a large number of facilities. Exciting trips to the world of adventure and entertainment would leave you spell bound. You have innumerable choices and you can opt for varied cruise lines according to your needs.

If you want to spend a romantic time with your beloved on a cruise then you can go for couple cruising available with cruise holidays. You can cherish some of the best moments of your life in the lap of nature on cruise holidays. You can choose single cruising where you can expect to meet someone of your kind. If you want a fun filled family trip then you can choose from a variety of family cruises. Experience the most exclusive and finest facilities in luxury cruising and we ensure that you will get the best and the most exquisite dining options. There are many choices for those who want to opt for cheap cruises so you can actually save a lot even as you go on your dream cruise holidays. You can have the aesthetically charged and most vibrant experience onboard by choosing a cruising experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

There are varied places of tourist interest that can be explored with cruise holidays. You can take a trip to Africa, Alaska, Antarctica and Arctic, Australasia, British Isles, Canary Islands, Caribbean, Central America, Pacific and Hawaii, Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf, Scandinavia, Baltic and Iceland, South America, Transatlantic and World Cruises during your cruise holidays. One of the most astounding ways to travel is through world cruising. You can extend your holiday time to 90 to 120 days and visit the most interesting locations across the globe. Visitors can opt for mini world cruising that extends 18 to 25 days. Before you reach Europe, your ports of call would include Suez Canal, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney, Bangkok, and Hong Kong, Hawaii, Panama Canal and the Caribbean Island. This adventurous trip will have you see the best of myriad climates and seasons.

You must go for transatlantic cruises if you want to add value and incomparable fun to your holiday cruise. It is considered to be the most entrancing way to travel. Most Transatlantic cruise packages normally sail from Europe. Some of the most common ports visited include Barcelona, Southampton, Boston and New York. While travelling to the Caribbean then you might visit places, such as St. John, Tortola, Barbados, Antigua and St. Thomas.

You can also travel to Hawaii, the world of untainted and incomparable beauty. This tropical destination is an ideal place to relax. It is home to some of the most fascinating beaches and volcanoes. It is the hottest and extremely popular place where you can enjoy surfing and sunbathing. In this delightful destination you can spend the quality time with your loved ones. Here, you will also come across some delightful pineapple farms. The vivid culture and history of Hawaii is present in its museums. You can also enjoy fishing, bird watching, diving and nature walks here.

You can have a great time on your holiday cruise as you can visit the most enthralling places here. Have a splendid experience of your life with holiday cruises!

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MSC Cruises, Ukuthemba Foundation partner for a good cause

MSC Cruises will stage a charity event in support of the children of the Ukuthemba Foundation, in Cape Town’s harbour aboard the MSC Opera on Saturday, 24 January 2015, with a guest performance by South African-born songstress, Nomakhosi.
MSC Cruises, Ukuthemba Foundation partner for a good causeA finalist on the BBC’s ‘The Voice UK’ 2014, Nomakhosi worked with, Kylie Minogue and numerous other big name artists. The 23-year-old Nomakhosi also received rave reviews last year following her performance at Ukuthemba’s London event hosted by Graham Norton.

From Johannesburg, Nomakhosi’s strong gospel background informs her powerful vocals and immaculate technique, natural gifts she has carefully honed in her years as a musician.

In addition, MSC Cruises will treat guests to a cocktail reception followed by a sumptuous four-course lunch, superb Italian wine, an auction and a raffle, featuring items such as business class flights, Wimbledon debenture tickets, MSC Cruise holidays, safaris, art and jewellery.

A safe place to call home

MSC Cruises South Africa CEO Daphne Osborne said: “The Ukuthemba Foundation works to ensure badly disadvantaged South African children and babies have a safe place to call home. Ukuthemba’s mission resonates strongly with the values of MSC Cruises, a family-owned, family-friendly company that cares deeply about children’s rights around the world.”

Kim Killeen, Chair of the Ukuthemba Foundation said: “It’s great watching people become animated during the auction, composed bidding descends into a bidding frenzy when the stakes are high. It’s a lot of fun and 100% of the proceeds goes straight to the children; everyone’s a winner!”

She added: “We endeavour to help children and ensure that during their passage into adulthood they get the protection and care that are their rights. This work will ultimately lead to a more prosperous and peaceful South Africa.”

Now in its sixth year, the fundraiser has become a regular fixture in the agendas of many magnanimous South Africans, from Johannesburg to Cape Town. This year, guests are invited to bring their children on board to experience MSC’s Junior Club, where they will enjoy lunch and an afternoon of great entertainment while their parents are wining, dining and bidding.

A good cause

All proceeds from ticket sales and the auction will go to Ukuthemba Foundation, a Cape Town based organisation which provides safe and loving home environments for abandoned and abused children and orphans.

MSC Cruises meets Mozambicans for growth talks

MSC Cruises SA hosted various Mozambican dignitaries from Maputo Council, Mozambique Tourism and Inhaca Administration, who met top management of MSC Cruises SA on board the MSC Opera as part of discussions to drive sustainable long-term growth in the country.
MSC Cruises meets Mozambicans for growth talks”The discussions had the key purpose to discuss how MSC Cruises can work further with relevant Mozambique departments to grow the country as a sought-after tourist destination,” said Allan Foggitt, Marketing and Sales Director of MSC Cruises SA. “The focus is on contributions to the local economy as well as tackling important ecological issues.”

MSC Cruises SA has been cruising up to Mozambique through Starlight Cruises as the local operator and, since 1992, as MSC. Carrying in excess of 1.5 million passengers annually, MSC has in the last year brought over 200,000 foreign tourists to Mozambique’s shores, and having invested around $2 million in capital expenditure on tourism-linked infrastructure.

MSC’s present season is five months and included 46 cruises along the Mozambique coast in 2013/14, 27 in 2014/15 and 34 in 2015/16, with the focus on Portuguese Island, Inhaca and Maputo.

Local trade is also boosted

Investment into Mozambique on behalf of MSC includes advertising of the destination worldwide through various mediums. The selling of shore excursions at relevant destinations with over $250,000 generated in the current season alone and paid to local suppliers, continues to play a major role. Local trade is also boosted through passenger spend at destinations, the creation of local markets and the establishment of the Boat Association. MSC Cruises has also invested heavily into skills-based training and job creation. MSC spends on average $150,000 on labour in Mozambique.

An important area for discussion was how MSC is currently preserving the ecological environment on Portuguese Island and Inhaca. MSC continues to work in conjunction with the university to ensure that the environmental aspect of the island is maintained. Bulk services supplying the island have been designed to ensure they have the minimum impact on the island. Sewer systems utilise bio degradation systems and sea water is used in tanks as a water source. Solar power has been installed to drive energy resources, and waste is collected, stored and removed on each trip.

MSC Cruises SA has committed to increase activity on Portuguese Island by at least 50% within the next 15 months, making Africa’s east coast the preferred cruise holiday destination. MSC would also like to further play a part in social upliftment on Inhaca Island by contributing towards a CSI project.

“The event was successful and a good understanding of MSC’s role in the territory was attained, along with valuable partnerships forged in order to achieve mutual beneficial long term goals,” concluded Foggitt.

Lack of SA luxury cruise ships hurts tourism revenue

Holidaymakers looking to celebrate Christmas and New Year at the coast will this year have the option of joining Cruises International’s first round-trip cruise holiday along the South African coastline.
George Argyropoulos, head of Cruises International says there is plenty of potential for the South African cruise market. Image:
George Argyropoulos, head of Cruises International says there is plenty of potential for the South African cruise market. Image: My Press Office
Two luxury cruise liners, Seabourn and Oceana, will depart from Cape Town and stop at Mossel Bay, East London, Durban, Richards Bay and Maputo in Mozambique before returning to Cape Town two weeks later.

The Oceana will also sail to Walvis Bay in Namibia.

Cruises International said while luxury cruises had gained increasing interest among South Africans, the industry was still largely untapped. Cruises International represents nine international cruise lines.

Because of an increase in piracy on Africa’s east coast, cruise liners are exploring the west coast, presenting new destinations to be explored and an opportunity for southern African countries to develop their cruise tourism sector, says Cruises International’s Managing Director George Argyropoulos.

SA’s coastline covers about 3,000km, but South Africa has no cruise ships on its registry.

Lack of cruise ships hurts tourism revenue

Mmatšatši Ramawela, head of the Tourism Business Council says South Africans are embracing cruise holidays. Image:
Mmatšatši Ramawela, head of the Tourism Business Council says South Africans are embracing cruise holidays. Image: South Africa
Earlier this month SA Maritime Safety Association’s (Samsa) Chief Executive Tsietsi Mokhele said the lack of cruise ships was limiting economic flows from marine tourism into the country, even though SA benefits from passengers spending money when they disembark from foreign-owned cruise liners and take part in shore-based activities.

Mokhele said a lot more economic benefits would accrue to SA if there were more locally registered cruise liners.

Tourism Business Council of SA’s Chief Executive Mmatšatši Ramawela said that while South Africans were “embracing” cruise tourism, it was not to the extent seen in other popular destinations across the world.

“It is an important growth area. It is something that we as an industry and the public sector nationally need to rally around to see how we support the companies involved in this market,” Ramawela said.

Samsa is developing a strategy to increase participation in leisure activities and holidays along the country’s coastline, and at its dams and lakes, to the benefit of surrounding communities.

SA lagging behind the rest of the world

Cruises International markets mainly to those South Africans who can afford to go on an overseas holiday. It estimates that between 1.5m and 2m South Africans go on overseas holidays annually

The Oceana is going to starting offering cruises along the West Coast to Walvis Bay. Image:
The Oceana is going to starting offering cruises along the West Coast to Walvis Bay. Image: Cruise Mates
“Cruises International sells only 15,000 cruises a year – which is about 1% of its target market, and a significantly smaller market penetration compared with the 13% in the US and 5% in the UK,” Argyropoulos said.

“So we are still very far behind, but I think as we become more affluent and the income distribution becomes more equitable, we will see an increase in people going on cruises,” he added.

He says that sometimes cruise tours are used by companies to incentivise clients or employees and distributors to meet certain targets.

“What we found initially is that they (black middle-class) went as delegates and then we saw them the following year coming with family and friends,” he said.

Argyropoulos points out that the cruise industry is an area of growth for the country’s tourism sector but it is not without its problems. “SA is far from the major client source markets in Europe and the Far East,” he said. “There is a big gap of destinations that have not been friendly to cruising all the way to this country,” he added.

A lack of attractions for guests to visit when the ships dock at certain ports is also a challenge.

“So for a German, European or Far East to come to South Africa on a cruise is unlikely. We just don’t have enough attractions and it’s a very long voyage,” Argyropoulos said.

Cruises – How To Get The Best Travel Deals For A Holiday!

Cruising is a great way to spend a holiday especially when it comes to family. This is because there is a lot of variety in the activities that are available aboard. So whether you are a kid or an old man, a girl or a young lady, cruises have something that is sure to interest you.

There are certain things that you ought to keep in mind when you are looking at good travel deals. The best of the travel deals can be got if you make the right choices. Booking way in advance can get you cheaper rates for your holiday. This has proved to work for many. Do not just go by the price of the ticket. You have to realize that there are a lot of other factors that matter when it comes to choosing the best cruise and also getting good deals on it.

Getting a travel agent to plan your holiday also is also a good way to get good travel deals. Always check on the taxes that you pay. You might end up paying much more than you expected sometimes when you have not checked on it. Some cruises also give you certain privileges if you had traveled with them earlier so it is best if you make a check on that too before you make your final decision in choosing a cruise line for your holiday. These luxury vacations can be great for honeymooners. Also you can plan a wedding on a cruise.

Talk to a cruise line directly. This move alone can save you a lot of cash. Asking for discounts is not a bad idea at all. In fact this can help you get better deals. Also travelling frequently gets you better offers a lot of times. Also the cruise gives you a mode of transportation when you get to a destination. Making use of these will cost you much more and hence avoid taking those. Talk to your travel agent and make sure that such transportation is all arranged by them so you save a lot on your holiday.

Choosing the best cruise deal and also making sure that you are taking the right decisions in choosing one is important. Also make sure that you book a holiday with a cruise line in way that you get the best possible.

Empress Events Yacht Cruise Offerings Best Summer Holiday Party

Summer is the time when the world is filled with bright sunshine and it is the best time to let the hair down and go on a holiday, far away from the hustle-bustle of the daily mundane life. But to heighten the pleasure of the holiday, it is very important to choose the perfect location. If you have been lately willing to organize a summer holiday party and intend on spending some quality time with your loved ones, then the best idea would be to charter a yacht cruise. Summer holiday party on cruise will be an experience that guests will remember all their lives.

Empress Events can host your summer holiday party on the San Francisco bay area. On a bay cruise vacation, you will explore entirely new traditions at sea with your entire family and friends. Empress Events will provide you with exciting themes to choose from coupled with delicious personalized food items, aesthetic decorations, live entertainment, drinks, and lot more. Empress Events is one of the best bay cruise summer holiday party services available for a hassle-free celebration.

You can rent a yacht for an hour to an entire day. But make sure that you precisely ponder upon the essentials like food, decorations, drinks, entertainment, to make the party a great success. Also make a proper scheduling of the events for the sake of guests’ convenience. Be it a summer holiday party on cruise to honor your employees or a personal affair with your friends and family or a simple Halloween party, Empress Events is the one stop shop for all your requirements. They will organize the party for you at reasonable rates and with best of all services. They have the best food, themes, decor to offer coupled by the most attentive crew. There’s no specific time to celebrate and share happiness among the loved ones, so Empress Events operates round the clock throughout the year, and can arrange a yacht cruise summer holiday party anytime you want.

Summer holiday party is the best option for those who love partying and cruising both. And what can beat a mesmerising experience of celebrating under the beautiful sun and listening to the nostalgic music created by the flowing water. And San Francisco bay area is extremely scenic, which adds to the overall intoxicating effect of the environment. So, charter a yacht from Empress Events and let the world know that you live life king size and also love to share your treasured moments with people you care.